SEPHORA UNIVERSITY is the internal professional training organization of Sephora China, focusing on cultivating professional talents to ensure company’s constant business development. SEPHORA UNIVERSITY designs efficient training plan, implements a variety of training programs and courses to better support employees’ individual needs and company’s business development in accordance with the company strategic plan as well as business requirements.

Through years’ effective practice, SEPHORA UNIVERSITY has established comprehensive training system and efficient training methods. For corporate training, SEPHORA UNIVERSITY dedicates to enhance employees’ leadership development, professional skills and to create better working environment. For retail training, SEPHORA UNIVERSITY commits to improve store employees’ professional product knowledge and service skills through Product and Service Training. In addition, SEPHORA UNIVERSITY collaborates with established international brands and introduces brand trainers to share frontline product information. Moreover, SEPHORA UNIVERSITY focuses on developing retail staff’s management and service skills to help them better fit into their job as well as to foster teamwork spirit. At the same time, SEPHORA UNIVERSITY offers multifaceted training support by providing E-Learning platform and regular on-job training to help employees rapidly grow up to retail talents. 

Core training courses and programs of SEPHORA UNIVERSITY: 
*Corporate Training: Corporate Integration Training, Knowledge Training, Soft Skill Training, Leadership Training, Talent Development Program;
*Retail Management Training: Basic Management Training, Management Training, Advanced Management Training, Sephora Attitude Workshop,  Advanced Coaching, Lead High Performance Team, Situational Leadership; 
*Annual training program of Operation Management Trainee;
*Product Sales and Service Training:
Retail Integration Training, Advanced Skin Care Training, Advanced Makeup Training, Advanced Fragrance Training; Beauty Play Training;
*Captain Project Training;
*Elite Seminar;
*Annual Master Competition (Skin Care, Makeup, Fragrance, etc)

In addition, SEPHORA UNIVERSITY actively explores external training resources to provide employees with latest training courses and overseas exchange opportunities. 
In the coming years, SEPHORA UNIVERSITY will continually dedicate to optimize resources allocations and innovation. And enhance training quality to guarantee more competitive talents to Sephora China’s future development.